Blast Boards

whiteboard on wheels

White-Board2The Blast Board is a ballistic white board that can be fastened over an existing whiteboard/chalkboard or mounted to the wall in a classroom. The Blast Boards are mounted with a quick release system. The back of the board has handles to provide mobile protection. This product is designed to provide students and teachers with protection from an active threat or emergency situation where they must remain in the classroom. The boards provide a Level II protection certified by the National Institute of Justice.

The Blast Board armored panels are manufactured using a proprietary blend of lightweight ballistic Kevlar and Dyneema/Spectra material. They are designed to be lightweight for ease of movement while providing optimal ballistic protection. The Blast Board armored panels can be manufactured to any size specification and are installed with a wall-mounted quick release system.

Utilizing the wall mounted quick release system, the Blast Board armored panel can be removed from the wall by one person in less than four seconds. The purpose of the Blast Board system is to provide cover while located in the classroom safe area or as a shield while moving to a secure location. Carry handles are strategically mounted to the back of the panels to allow for leverage when lifting and/or moving with the Blast Board.

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