SHELTR Hospital


An Active Threat in a Treatment Center, at a Hospital or on a Hospital campus posses an extremely dangerous and difficult scenario as many people in a Hospital are not easily moved out of danger.  Hospitals admit patients of all kinds and must be prepared to secure patients from retaliatory actions by violent citizens or gang members.  In addition, Hospitals and Treatment Centers are a business and must safeguard against workplace violence.  The “SHELTR” Hospital Training ℠ Program provides Hospital Administrators, Key Leaders, Staff and Employees with training tools and techniques in which to keep their Treatment Centers, Hospital(s) and Hospital campus safe.

Generic training does not effectively train Hospital Administrators, Key Leaders, or staff on the protective measures necessary to keep their specific workplace safe.  Each building design, operating protocols used in the Hospital industry, even outside climates and terrain are different for every Hospital and Treatment Center throughout America.  A Certified Instructor from our team of over 500 former US Army, US Marine Corp, and Law Enforcement personnel will work “On-Site” with your organization to develop a “SHELTR” plan that is “CUSTOMIZED” for your specific Hospital and campus.   The “SHELTR” Hospital Training℠ Program  provides instruction on:

  1. Clearing and securing wings of a Hospital and buildings on a Hospital campus when confronted with an Active Threat
  2. Conducting an “On-Site” Security Assessment of Treatment Center or Hospital Campus to:
    1. Redesign the operational workspaces to prevent entrapment
    2. Establish “Security Focused” indoor and outdoor lighting patterns
    3. Determine Security System fuctionality
    4. Audit Emergency exit and Security Stations throughout all buildings
    5. Safeguard explosive gas containers and stations
  3. Learn how to diffuse confrontational situations
  4. Develop Control access points for all employee work areas

To maintain the highest possible readiness posture, it is vital for Hospitals to stay informed.  “SHELTR” updates are provided to every Hospital and Treatment Center that has completed the “SHELTR” Hospital Training ℠ Program through our “SHELTR” Vision™ Mobile Phone Application (Available in Android Marketplace and itunes).

To learn more about the “SHELTR” Hospital Training℠ Program, please contact us via email or call us at 434-792-8116.