SHELTR Training K-12th Grade

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What is ‘SHELTR’ Training

School Hazard-Emergency-Lethal Threat Response℠ (SHELTR) Training provides Teachers, School Administrators, cafeteria employees, maintenance staff, grounds keepers, etc. with training tools and techniques in which to keep their school safe.  These tools and techniques are meant to show how to create daily security routines, “LOOK” for things that are out of the norm, “REPORT” incidents in a timely and accurate manner, and “RESPOND” if your campus becomes engaged by a threat or emergency.

Why is ‘SHELTR’ Training Necessary

Unfortunately schools around the world are becoming a target to foreign and domestic terrorism.  There are not enough law enforcement officers available to secure every location where a terrorist or terrorist organization may attack.  As it relates to the schools in America, it falls on the teachers, school administrators, staff, students and even parents to  ensure THEIR school is made to be a safe environment. The “SHELTR” Training courses and Tactical Protective Gear gives the school a chance to defend from an Active Threat.

What Makes This Training Credible

The ‘SHELTR’ Training Program has been developed by former US Army Special Forces, US Marine Corp Tactical Police, Law Enforcement, and School administrators.  As the training is provided, it is constantly being evaluated for  completeness and relevance.  Updates are created as needed and added to the  training courses.  To ensure schools maintain the highest possible readiness posture, these same updates are provided to every institution that has completed the training through the ‘SHELTR VISION’™ MOBILE PHONE APPLICATION.

Who Teaches the ‘SHELTR’ Training Courses

The “SHELTR” Training is conducted by a team of over 500 former US Army, US Marine Corp, US Air Force, and Law Enforcement personnel dedicated to the mission of keeping ‘Safe Schools in America’

What are the Components of the Program

The ‘SHELTR’ Training is an on-site activity consisting of:

  • Developing an Active Threat Response Plan of Action for YOUR specific school
  • Developing and follow a daily secure protocol on YOUR specific school campus
  • Teaching everyone how to “LOOK” for things that are “Out of the Norm”
  • Teaching how to “REPORT” an incident or security infraction in a timely and accurate manner
  • Should an Active Threat engage the school – how to “RESPOND”
  • How to utilize Protective Tactical Gear and Equipment
  • How to respond to law enforcement as they arrive on campus

What is an Active Shooter – Active Threat

An ‘Active Shooter’ is one or more individuals actively engaged in systematically and/or randomly killing, or attempting to kill people in a confined space or other populated area utilizing a series of different weapons.  An ‘Active Threat’ acts in the same manner as an Active Shooter to create a deliberate and immediate threat and/or  presents an imminent danger to the campus community. This may be in the capacity of using Stabbing Weapons, Taking Hostage(s), Sniper, Suicide Bomber, Homicide Bomber, the prepositioning of Bombing/Fire Devices, and/or Gas (Biological/Chemical) Threat.

How Prepared are Schools Today to Respond to an Active Threat

It is extremely varied.  A schools ability to prepare for an Active Threat is based on funds available for that individual school (or school system), the current technologies of that schools local law enforcement, the Active Threat training  local law enforcement has available, interaction the school (or school system) has with local law enforcement, etc.  Our research has shown that very few teachers (much less cafeteria workers, maintenance workers, etc.) in the US School systems are trained on Active Threat Response. In our preliminary research, we have not found any teachers that have been trained in Active Threat Response specific to their school.

What Actions do Schools Need to Take

Schools need to become secure environments.  Each school needs to develop a secure plan for that individual school.  Generic training does not effectively train School faculty, administrators, and staff on the protective measures necessary to keep their specific school safe.  Each building design, operating protocols of the schools operations, even outside climates and terrain are different for every school.  Dedicated security and defense plans must be developed and put in place to ensure the safety of all aspects specific to each school building.



To learn more about the “SHELTR” K-12 Training℠ Program, please contact us via email or call us at 434-792-8116.