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Developed for IPhone and Android operating systems, the SHELTR mobile application allows direct communication with authorities while in a crisis situation. This state-of-the-art application is designed with the concept that in an emergency, the more personnel that are aware of a situation the better – and that information needs to be made available as quickly as possible with little effort. Utilizing video, sound, GPS, and an emergency location beacon, authorities monitor the situation as they speed to your location. The application is customized per organization and is designed to promote threat awareness, notify personnel within an organization when a threat is identified, and give updates of where threats have been identified to assist planning escape routes.

Zone Based Identification—Users are able to notify others if there is an immediate threat and notify what area of the building the threat is in. Notifications are made with non-audio alerts, so not to give away someone’s position in the building.

Direct Contact with Authorities—Each organization will have direct access to local contact information with police, fire, and EMS and will be able to relay vital information to the authorities about the location of a threat.

Panic Mode—If the threat is close by, ‘Panic Mode’ can be engaged, and the user’s phone will go silent and notify other users of where the imminent threat is.

GPS—Calibrated information will attempt to locate what building zone the user is in and place the user on a specific floor at the organization, based on the altitude information returned from the GPS.

Evacuation Routes— The application can overlay building evacuation routes for each zone onto the map, which allows for the user to make best judgment call on which evacuation route to take based on identified threat information

Audio and Video Recording—When an Immediate Threat is identified -or- Panic Mode is enabled, the device will automatically begin recording via the built in microphone. Audio and video recordings from the device will be uploaded on-the-fly directly to the cloud, thus creating a “black box” that can allow administrators, attorneys, courts, etc. to review and get information from the scene without the user having to take any additional action.

Rescue Mode—Device acts as a beacon which relays a GPS coordinate to authorities in case the user gets trapped in a building. Device can be audibled remotely if rescue teams need to hear device

Command and Control Operation—Administrators can control the application on users’ devices if needed

Weather and Storm Alerts—Integrate the back end server to the National Weather Service to receive local updates regarding storms and severe weather conditions.