PAK Jacket

PAKJacket for media

The ‘Protect a Kid’™ Jacket (PAK-Jacket) System is designed for individual mobile protection. Manufactured to NIJ-IIIA ballistic standards, the PAK-Jacket System will provide protection from .22, .44, .45, and 9mm rounds.  In addition, the jackets are fire retardant, cut proof, razor proof, and shrapnel proof. Each jacket includes Kevlar weave gloves, high heat intensity goggles, vacuum sealed first aid kits, and a high decibel whistle.  The PAK-Jacket System is a versatile option for safety and protection from a variety of emergencies or crisis situations.

SPECIFICATIONS—The PAK-Jacket has been designed with a hood to protect the head and neck region.  It was also designed long enough to cover the genitalia region, yet light enough so an adult or child can move freely to a safe  area.  The outer shell of the PAK-Jacket is made of a proprietary Kevlar weave with ballistic plates manufactured to NIJ-IIIA standards.  The inner lining of the PAK-Jacket is made from a fire retardant material as well as a cut-proof lining that protects from potential shrapnel or flying debris.


First Aid Kit—A vacuum sealed first aid kit is attached to the interior of each jacket and allows first responders to administer immediate first aid when required.  Each kit comes with pressure bandages, tourniquet, open airway device, and a waterproof first aid directional card.

Gloves—A pair of special Kevlar weaver gloves are stored in the hood of each jacket.  These gloves offer cut proof protection when used to move sharp or jagged debris.  Kevlar weave mittens will be stored in the hood of children’s jackets.

Goggles—Goggles are stored in the hood of each jacket. The goggles are specially       designed to provide protection in extreme temperatures and seals to almost any face shape.  They meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 (High Impact) Standards and are certified to the requirements of CSA Z94.3.

Whistle—A high decibel safety whistle comes with each PAK-Jacket and is stored in the jacket sleeve pocket. The whistle can be utilized to assist rescue workers locate a person who may be trapped under debris or in a smoke filled building.

Fire Escape Respirator (Optional)—An ASE 30 Fire Escape Respirator and Smoke Hood can be added to each PAK-Jacket

Additional equipment, such as flashlights, radios, signaling devices, emergency locator beacons etc. are available as well.

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