SHELTR the Turtle Program


In light of recent and historical tragic events involving violence in schools, it has been found that many school children show signs of apprehension in returning to their school even though a violent attack may have been committed at another school.  Partnering with Norhurst Tactical and the SHELTR℠ (School Hazard Emergency Lethal Threat Response) Program, ENSSA™ has developed SHELTR the Turtle.  This plush Turtle has been designed to assist children in coping with these violent events.  SHELTR the Turtle provides the child with a reminder that there are people working to keep them safe.

Norhurst Tactical and the SHELTR Program is committed to the physical safety and mental well-being of our nation’s children.  SHELTR the Turtle™ is a lovable plush toy, yet physically and mentally tough enough to help children feel at ease when dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic situation.  SHELTR the Turtle™ will help the healing process by reminding children that others are working daily to protect them from harm.  For more information or to make a SHELTR the Turtle™ donation, please visit

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