SHELTR Shopping Center

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We live in a world today where shopping centers and other large public venues are targets to foreign and domestic terrorism.  There are not enough law enforcement officers available to secure every location where a terrorist or terrorist organization may attack.  To keep our shopping centers and malls safe in America, it falls on Law Enforcement, shopping center security and employees as well as the general shopping public to maintain a safe environment. The “SHELTR” Shopping Center Training℠ Program provides shopping center security officers, store employee’s, and shopping patrons with training tools and techniques in which to keep their shopping environment safe.  These tools and techniques are meant to show how to create daily security routines, “LOOK” for things that are out of the norm, “REPORT” incidents in a timely and accurate manner, and “RESPOND” if your campus becomes engaged by a threat or emergency.

Every shopping center and mall in America has a different layout and design.  Generic training does not effectively provide shopping center security officers, shopping center employees or shopping patrons with the protective measures necessary to keep their specific environment safe.  A Certified Instructor from our team of over 500 former US Army, US Marine Corp, US Air Force, and Law Enforcement personnel will work On-Site to develop a detailed “SHELTR” Plan that is “CUSTOMIZED” for your individual shopping center, mall, or retail location.  To ensure shopping centers and malls continue to maintain the highest possible readiness posture, updates are provided to every institution that has completed the “SHELTR” University Training℠ through our “SHELTR” VISION™ Mobile Phone Application (Available in Android Marketplace and itunes).

To learn more about the “SHELTR” University Training℠ Program, please contact us via email or call us at 434-792-8116.