About Us


Norhurst Tactical is a division of Norhurst Inc.  Norhurst is a service-disabled veteran-owned company that exemplifies the highest standards of military training and support. Our training techniques have been honed over years of service to our country as Special Forces soldiers and we have adapted these proven training tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s) to provide the very best training to our customers regardless of the individual or collective requirements. Our team of subject matter experts, instructors, and instructional designers can modify any of our courses to meet specific customer requirements. We can also create custom training to meet any operational or academic need.

Our training development and delivery uses a blended learning approach, including a mix of conventional brick and mortar classroom training, hands-on training, and practical exercises that can incorporate various distance learning methodologies to reduce costs and enhance the learning experience.

We have trained thousands of military and government personnel in proven tactics, techniques, and procedures from basic marksmanship to enhanced computer forensics and sensitive site exploitation. Our extremely experienced cadre of instructors is composed of Special Operations Forces (SOF) Operators with tactical deployments in combat theaters of operation, as well as military intelligence and law enforcement experts who are leaders in their area of  expertise.