SHELTR SRO Training Program

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School Resource Officers (SROs) can play a vital part in school safety.  While the SHELTR™ Program provides teachers, school administrators, cafeteria employees, maintenance staff and grounds keepers with training tools and techniques in which to keep their school safe from threats or crisis situations, SROs can act as the school safety liason. To assist in the efforts of keeping our schools and campuses safe from violence and crime, the addition of a School Resource Officers (SRO) is a valid option.  An SRO is a sworn Law Enforcement officer employed by a local police are sheriff’s agency to work closely with school administrators in an effort to create a safer environment for both students and staff.  The SRO SHELTR Training Program℠ provides the SRO current “School Violence Protection” Training-Tools-Techniques.

Norhurst Tactical is a leader in both tactical defense and leadership training. The “Goal” of the SRO SHELTR Training Program℠ is to teach the SRO how to foster a strong and positive relationship with the youth.  We  provide the problem solving, teaching, and communication skills that are vital in maintaining a positive learning environment.

Norhurst Tactical offers an introductory 40 hour SRO SHELTR Training Program designed to teach Leadership and Communication skills.  It is vital that each SRO be a positive addition to the daily school environment and not seen as a penal system enforcer.  Experienced SRO’s may take our advanced Executive Leadership Training Courses.  These upper tier courses are designed to teach cross functional management training at a group or squad level.  All trained SRO’s receive a “Lifetime” ENSSA  Membership.