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The Educators National School Safety Association (ENSSA™) was created as a central repository and communication portal to educate schools and learning centers in “Best Practice” security protocols and solutions.  This robust site provides educators, faculty, staff (and their school safety partners with quality information, resources, consultation, and training.  ENSSA also connects schools and learning centers to share effective ideas and strategies which are paramount in the prevention of school crime and violence.  ENSSA works with the United States Departments of Education, Justice, and Homeland Security to identify and promote strategies that ensure effective learning environments for students and educators.  Our National Mission Statement of “Safe Schools in America” echo’s the total United States’ Academic Mission.

ENSSA Promotes School Safety through a variety of Training Programs and Product Offerings.  SHELTR℠—School Hazard Emergency Lethal Response℠ is a comprehensive training program offered by Norhurst Tactical, one of the founding members of ENSSA. In addition to training, Norhurst Tactical also offers a variety of School Safety Products. Other vendors specializing in School Safety and Security can also showcase their offerings through the ENSSA website.

ENSSA has an excellent Advisory Board that consists of School Safety Leaders, Civic and Community Leaders and others who share the common mission of Safe Schools in America.  Through this advisory board and other experts, ENSSA continuously conducts research on School Safety. ENSSA continuously updates current events on the website and conducts national and regional events to  empower the Educators in keeping our Schools Safe.  ENSSA has excellent opportunities for the   general public to support and promote school safety in their school by participating in ‘Protect-A-Kid’™ campaigns and Sponsoring training, products and ENSSA events.